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Nomadesk offers secure and efficient file sharing and synchronization. In our encrypted Vaults, your files are safeguarded and easily accessible, even offline. All data is stored in our secure datacenter in Brussels if you choose for our public Cloud. Never worry about privacy, data loss or GDPR compliance again.

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Collaborate seamlessly with others, access files on any device, and edit files online. Nomadesk empowers you to collaborate and share with confidence. Join thousands of satisfied users and experience the power of Nomadesk for yourself.

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Robust Security

Enjoy robust data protection with our theft-proof Vaults, encrypted local drive, and remote wiping capabilities.

Safeguarded with 256-bit encryption, your files and folders become invisible when the Nomadesk application is closed, so unauthorized access is impossible.

If your device is stolen or lost, Nomadesk remotely wipes cached Vaults and helps locate the missing device on Google Maps.


Seamless Synchronisation

Access your Vault online or offline. Easy file emailing, reviewing, and refiling: use the Nomadesk app on your mobile device, on the web app or directly on your computer in the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder menu.

Automatic synchronization updates only the changed portions. Accessible and up-to-date files across all devices and locations are at your fingertips.


Pragmatic Data Sharing

Give users access rights to view/edit, invite others, and send links to files or folders. Set notifications for file activity, or configure e-mail alerts. Tag sensitive files that you don’t want to share.

For secure data exchange, all links can have password protection, limited downloads, and expiration dates. Create short URLs for sharing in various platforms.


Unlimited Storage, Full Audit Trail

Every time a file is changed or saved in the Vault, automatic cloud backups are stored on redundant servers situated in Belgium and in Germany for instant disaster recovery.

Deleted files are retrievable through a configurable amount of daily backups. Shared Vault deletions are synchronized across users, preserving files in the online trashcan.

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A short video how to get started with Nomadesk primarily via the online interface. Nomadesk has also a desktop client and mobile apps, soon we'll publish new video's on that. You can always contact us via support@nomadesk.com or via help.nomadesk.com. There is chat function and it's a real person talking to you :-)

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