Secure Cloud File Sharing For Your Business

Nomadesk is an easy and secure way to collaborate on and backup critical files from any location. Alleviate the hassles and high costs of traditional document management solutions with Nomadesk.
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Nomadesk helped us save on overhead expenses and time.

– Breslau Insurance & Benefits

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We proudly support customers in more than 50 countries and offer our product in 10 different languages.
Professional File Sharing: Smart, Simple, Safe.

Get the best of both worlds. With Nomadesk, you will enjoy the ease of file collaboration with the confidence of a secure program. All files stored within a Nomadesk folder are encrypted and password-protected on your local drive and are only made visible when you log into the Nomadesk application.

Nomadesk’s Theftguard feature allows you to remotely wipe files from the local drive if your laptop is ever lost or stolen. You can also see when new files are created, modified, deleted and downloaded from your shared Vault by other users.

Private Cloud Deployments: Because Every Business has Unique Needs

While thousands of professionals rely on the secure Nomadesk cloud environment for their file sharing and backup needs, some larger businesses may prefer to deploy Nomadesk on their own private cloud. The ability to satisfy both needs gives Nomadesk the flexibility to provide the best (and most cost effective) model for every customer.

Nomadesk can be customized to meet your needs by integrating with your internal systems. Call our sales team to begin working on your solution today.

Dynamic Collaboration: Send, Share and Sync Anywhere

In today’s high-speed business world, information is power. Nomadesk operates in a virtual environment you are already used to – Finder on Macs and Windows Explorer on PCs. So you can easily share your files with others, across multiple devices with functionality on several platforms.

Nomadesk also provides mobile apps for all major platforms to make sure sharing information is always possible and easy to execute.

Customer Services: We are Here to Support You

Nomadesk is committed to ensuring every interaction with our product is a positive experience. Our customer support team provides immediate assistance for all Nomadesk subscribers. Our professional services team is available for enterprise customers looking for custom deployments. Nomadesk’s sales team is available to help large customers understand our solution, and how it can meet all file sharing and storage needs.

Nomadesk is an Online File Sharing Tool. Our Web Based Document Management software provides Online Cloud Storage, File Security, and On-The-Go Accessibility with our Mobile File Sharing App.