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Privacy is priceless, yet, our prices are unbeatable, so is our support

Onboarding with Nomadesk Public Cloud in 3 steps

(We host in our Brussels DC, compiant with EU Privacy Laws for your or your customers)

(*) Full Nomadesk functionality included in your trial

Step 2 - Purchase a Single User License

(hit the Purchase link in or in your client dashboard)

Nomadesk 1 User License

Our pricing is unbeatable!

  • € 11,95 per user per month, yearly pre-paid = € 143,4 (ex VAT)

  • € 13,95 per user per month (ex VAT)

Step 3 - Add licenses for your Managed Users

(Assign licenses to your invited users or have them purchase a single user license as well)

Discounts Apply!

Nomadesk Permanent Discount for 3 User Licenses

11,35 per user per month, minimum 3 users, yearly pre-paid = € 408,69 (ex VAT)(*)

Nomadesk Permanent Discount for 5 User Licenses

11,05 per user per month, minimum 5 users, yearly pre-paid = € 663,00 (ex VAT)(*)

Nomadesk Permanent Discount for 10 Users Licenses

10,45 per user per month, minimum 10 users, yearly pre-paid = € 1.254,00 (ex VAT)(*)

- Permanent Volume Discount Applied on your Account -

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